No deposit is required. You will give a credit card as a guarantee against late cancellation.



  • You can cancel up to 2 weeks prior to your service with no penalty
  • If you cancel from 2 weeks tp 2 days prior, a 50% cancellation fee applies
  • If you cancel with less than 2 days’ notice or don’t present yourself on the day of service the penalty is 100%

The cancellation fee will be charged to the credit card you gave us to guarantee your service.

For cruise passengers:
If your ship doesn’t come into port the cancellation penalty does not apply. Your booking will be annulled.



Payment is due in cash IN EURO on the day of service. Payment in other currencies will be subject to a 10% service fee plus the day’s rate of exchange.

Meals, refreshments, entrance fees and gratuities are not included in the price.



You are responsible to double check your booking confirmation and to inform us as soon as possible of any errors or issues.

If you are running late or early for your service please contact us if you can.



Our vehicles are properly licensed, insured and maintained.

Although we will take utmost care to ensure the safety of passengers and their belongings we cannot be held responsible for events out of our control or for the loss of any personal belongings left behind.

We will do our best to accomplish all items on the itinerary but in the event we can’t complete everything, or if you decide to cut a service short or eliminate things from the agenda, no discounts will be given.

For full-service excursions: your driver will speak fluent English and can share information as you are traveling but cannot go with you when you leave the vehicle. This is the law in Italy.

For transfers: your driver will speak basic English.



Complaints must be made to us directly in writing within 7 days of the service. Clients agree to not post negative reviews on TripAdvisor or similar forum before giving Sunkissed Tuscany the opportunity to resolve the problem.